Three things you need to know about wholesale jewelry from China

The biggest fashion jewelry manufacturing bases are located in China, and most the fashion jewelry products are made in China. No need to say, wholesale jewelry from China can enjoy lower prices than you wholesale from local jewelry wholesalers. Usually we find the Chinese jewelry wholesalers on the Internet, you can only see the jewelry products from the computer screen. Just like shopping online, there are also risks on wholesaling fashion jewelry online. It’s not easy to run a fashion jewelry business, but the low prices seems can’t refuse. Most fashion jewelry shop owners are willing to wholesale fashion jewelry online and wholesale fashion jewelry products from China. So we are going to talk about the things you need to know about wholesale jewelry from China.

Chinese jewelry wholesale market

Chinese jewelry wholesale market

wholesale jewelry

1. The jewelry products may not the same as the pictures. This situation usually happen to small jewelry wholesalers. They don’t have enough manpower to take photos of every design of their jewelry products. So they simply get the pictures from the Internet or competitors. The situation is much better in the big size jewelry wholesalers and the fashion jewelry wholesalers which have been doing jewelry wholesale business for years.

2. Too cheap jewelry products are probably not good in quality. We all have seen incredible low prices of jewelry on Alibaba and aliexpress, but how did it come out? To me, the outcome is sad. We always get what we pay. Once I wholesale a buanch of fashion necklaces from a jewelry supplier on Alibaba at $0.99, I was excited at the beginning, but after I receive the products, I found them are fragile and fugitive. And the problem is you have to pay expensive shipping cost if you return them to the supplier.

3. Wholesale jewelry from the jewelry wholesalers are better than wholesale jewelry from the manufacturers. You may get better prices from manufacturers, but the cost is they usually require big quantity of minimum order. This is not good for a jewelry retail business since the fashion jewelry trends change fast.

If you want to know what styles of jewelry are popular. Jck website have many jewelry trends reports for reference.


How to corporate with Chinese jewelry manufacturers on jewelry production

If you made a unique jewelry design or you want some unique jewelry products in your fashion jewelry shop, you can let the jewelry manufacturers to produce exclusively for you. In jewelry business, unique is an important issue. Some fine jewelry are expensive just business they have good design and you can only buy these design from one brand’s jewelry products. The cost of jewelry production by local jewelry manufacturers are high, many shops and companies usually turn to Chinese jewelry manufacturers. Chinese jewelry manufacturers’s techniques is good enough and the cost are much lower than American jewelry manufacturers.

Usually there are two occasions you may think of producing jewelry products, one is you have your own jewelry design and want to make it into jewelry products. The other is you have browsed the products from one jewelry manufacturer, and you want to change a part of one necklace, earrings or ring, turn it into a new design.

The design must be very pacific, marked with sizes and materials. Continues and fluent communication with the jewelry manufacturer is needed. The common procedure is the jewelry manufacturer make a sample according to your design, and if the sample is qualified, they’ll arrange bulk production. This is a ideal situation, but if the first sample isn’t qualified, there are many places need to be adjusted, then you should ask them to make the second sample or more, until the sample is qualified. But don’t forget that every sample will cost sample development fee. Produce jewelry products according design usually meet technical and material problems. So you should select a professional and patient jewelry manufacturer to work with you.

Change some parts of their already own jewelry into a new design will much easier, because the manufacturers are already aware of the techniques and materials. The procedure is the same, but normally the first sample will be qualified, and they can arrange products quickly.

About the payments, you should pay them the sample development fee and about 30% wholesale payments as earnest at the beginning, and pay the rest after the production finish.


General introduction of Jewelry wholesale markets in China

I fortunately have been to China several times, and many people asked me about the jewelry wholesale markets in China. I have to say that China is a very big manufacturing country. The manufacturers from several jewelry manufacturing bases supply various designs of jewelry on the jewelry wholesale markets. Every time I went to the markets, I always feel that my time isn’t enough. There are three main jewelry wholesale markets in China. Guangzhou jewelry wholesale market in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. Yiwu jewelry wholesale market in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province.
Guangzhou jewelry wholesale market is a general description, actually is a district that there are many jewelry suppliers located in. If you want to go to Guangzhou to visit the jewelry wholesalers, you should make a apportionment with them and let them send you the addresses. The jewelry wholesalers are probably not in the same place, you need to visit them one by one. One jewelry supplier usually focus on one particular style, all the jewelry products designs have the same style. Minimum order usually is 30 dozens or 10 boxes.
Unlike Guangzhou jewelry wholesale market, the Yiwu jewelry wholesale market is actual market that have many shops in it, and it’s big. You don’t need to make appointments before visit the shops in the Yiwu jewelry wholesale market. You can just walk into to the market and visit the shops to see the jewelry products. But most of the jewelry products don’t have stock, the jewelry you see in their shops are samples. These Chinese jewelry wholesale markets are not built for small wholesale, they are built for bulk traditional international trade. The shops in the jewelry wholesale market are more like showrooms. If you need to wholesale the jewelry from them, minimum order of one design usually is 20 dozens. They will arrange production after you pay about 30% payment as earnest. And they don’t responsible for the international shipping, you should find your way to ship these jewelry products.


Good ways to find jewelry wholesalers in China

Why Chinese jewelry wholesalers?

Jewelry wholesalers are the  most common sources to jewelry stores and boutiques. China is the biggest manufacturing country of fashion jewelry. Wholesale fashion jewelry from China can lower your fashion jewelry shop’s cost effectively. Low cost brings more profits. Many shop owners are tired of wholesaling fashion jewelry from local jewelry wholesalers. The designs of jewelry in local jewelry wholesale store are limited . And they don’t update the designs frequently. What make things worse is, other local fashion jewelry stores are probably selling the same fashion jewelry products. I have been thinking of jump over those middle links. Wholesale fashion jewelry directly from Chinese fashion jewelry manufacturers to get more designs and lower prices.

Visiting China is an option. If you haven’t been to China. And just happen to have enough money and time, you can just travel to China and find some jewelry suppliers. The two biggest jewelry wholesale markets in China are in Guangzhou city and Yiwu city. The both cities are the fashion jewelry manufacturing bases in China. And most of the suppliers in the markets are local jewelry manufacturers. The prices can be every low in their shops, but they have minimum order, usually the minimum order is 30 dozens per design. This is pretty big number, if you want 4 designs, you have to buy 120 dozens.

Actually, visiting China is not a good choice for me, as I don’t speak Chinese. Spend that much money and time to China just to find some suppliers(you don’t know if you can find some good ones) isn’t worthwhile. Better solution is I can find Chinese jewelry wholesalers online. I searched on Google and B2B websites like Alibaba and aliexpress. At least the jewelry wholesalers on those websites can communicate with you in English. And usually they support mix wholesale. You can wholesale jewelry from them with more designs and less quantity limitations. Which is good for my fashion jewelry shop.


Wholesale Jewelry from China Dos and Don’ts

Wholesale jewelry from China is a good way to make profit and it’s quite normal to jewelry boutique/shop/store owners. But if you are just a beginner in this business, you may want to hear some advices and suggestions from who has experience. This article is to tell you the Does and Don’ts while wholesale fashion jewelry from China wholesale market in person.

# Do choose the right marketplace to wholesale jewelry from China. China is a big country and its jewelry wholesale marketplace is more than one. You need to pick the right one for your shop so that you will not waste you precious money and time. There are two main jewelry wholesale market places, Yiwu International Trade Center (ITC) and Guangzhou Xijiao Plaza. Jewelry in ITC are normally with lower price and lower quality while in Xijiao Plaza, the quality and price are much higher. If your target customers are lower income people, then ITC is more suitable to you. If your customers are higher income and have high requirement on jewelry quality, you may want to check Xijiao Plaza. Besides, Shandong Qingdao is now another jewelry manufacturer base for high quality fashion jewelry.

# Do bargaining at the market. The price of jewelry can be lower if your quantity is big. Don’t be shy, just ask the store owner for a lower price. If they don’t agree, you can pretend to leave and they probably will ask you to go back and offer you the discount you want. But do this trick carefully because some of them maybe really don’t want to offer discount and won’t ask you to come back. However, you do want the jewelry, it will be awkward to go back yourself.

# Do check the quality before paying. Pay a lot of attention to jewelry quality if you are buying from ITC as the quality of jewelry at that market is normally low. Check most of the pieces you buy one by one. If you are buying from Guangzhou or Qingdao then you can be more relaxed about the quality.

# Do not drink tap water in China. Keep that in mind unless you want to get sick. Chinese tap water are not drinkable. Repeat it until you remember it!

# Do not eat street food if you are easily get sick by eating feculent food. It’s important to keep health while traveling in China, don’t eat these food sold on the kerbside otherwise you may end in stomach disease.

The above are just a few personal experience, hope it will be helpful to you.